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Como Publicar un proyecto

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Como añadir tareas 

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Como aceptar/rechazar inversión de fondos

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Como seguir una tarea y añadirla a misiones

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Embeds accepted providers for timefounder

Check uptates at: http://oembed.com/#section7

ES:Esta es la lista de todos los servicios que podrás integrar en tus publicaciones en Timefounder.
EN: Lost of emed accepted providers for your timefounders publishings ( projects, tasks, deals, action report..)


oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. The simple API allows a website to display embedded content (such as photos or videos) when a user posts a link to that resource, without having to parse the resource directly.
This document is stored on github.

7.1. Providers

IFTTT (http://www.ifttt.com/)
YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/)
Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/)
Viddler (http://www.viddler.com/)
Revision3 (http://revision3.com/)
Hulu (http://www.hulu.com/)
Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/)
CollegeHumor (http://www.collegehumor.com/)
Jest (http://www.jest.com/)
Poll Everywhere (http://www.polleverywhere.com/)
Embedly (http://api.embed.ly)
iFixit (http://www.iFixit.com)
SmugMug (http://www.smugmug.com/)
Deviantart.com (http://www.deviantart.com)
SlideShare (http://www.slideshare.net/)
WordPress.com (http://wordpress.com/)
chirbit.com (http://www.chirbit.com/)
nfb.ca (http://www.nfb.ca/)
Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/)
Dotsub (http://dotsub.com/)
Animoto (http://animoto.com/)
Rdio (http://rdio.com/)
MixCloud (http://mixcloud.com)
Clyp (http://clyp.it/)
Screenr (http://www.screenr.com)
FunnyOrDie (http://www.funnyordie.com/)
Poll Daddy (http://polldaddy.com)
Ted (http://ted.com)
VideoJug (http://videos.sapo.pt/)
Sapo Videos (http://videos.sapo.pt)
Official FM (http://official.fm/)
HuffDuffer (http://huffduffer.com)
Shoudio (http://shoudio.com)
Moby Picture (http://www.mobypicture.com)
23HQ (http://www.23hq.com)
Cacoo (https://cacoo.com)
Dipity (http://www.dipity.com)
Roomshare (http://roomshare.jp)
Daily Motion (http://www.dailymotion.com)
Crowd Ranking (http://crowdranking.com)
CircuitLab (https://www.circuitlab.com/)
Geograph Britain and Ireland (https://www.geograph.org.uk/)
Geograph Germany (http://geo-en.hlipp.de/)
Geograph Channel Islands (http://channel-islands.geograph.org/)
Quiz.biz (http://www.quiz.biz/)
Quizz.biz (http://www.quizz.biz/)
Coub (http://coub.com/)
SpeakerDeck (https://speakerdeck.com)
Alpha App Net (https://alpha.app.net)
BlipTV (http://blip.tv/)
YFrog (http://yfrog.com/)
Instagram (https://instagram.com)
SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/)
On Aol (http://on.aol.com/)
Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com)
Ustream (http://www.ustream.tv)
GMEP (https://gmep.org)
Daily Mile (http://www.dailymile.com)
Sketchfab (http://sketchfab.com)
Meetup (http://www.meetup.com)
VideoFork (http://videofork.com)
  • URL scheme: http://videofork.com/oembed/([0-9]+)
  • API endpoint: http://videofork.com/oembed (only supports json)
  • Example: http://videofork.com/oembed/33536 where 33536 is id of the video.
AudioSnaps (http://audiosnaps.com/)
edocr (http://www.edocr.com)
RapidEngage (https://rapidengage.com)
Ora TV (http://www.ora.tv)
Getty Images (http://www.gettyimages.com)
amCharts Live Editor (http://live.amcharts.com)
iSnare Articles (http://www.isnare.com)

7.2. Consumers

To have a particular consumer display your OEmbed, please contact the consumer with your provider's URL scheme and API endpoint.
Buckybase (http://buckybase.appspot.com/)
  • Contact: Manuel Simoni (msimoni [at] gmail.com)
280 Slides (http://280slides.com/)
  • Contact: Ross Boucher (rboucher [at] gmail.com)
Dumble (http://oohembed.com/dumble/)
  • Contact: Deepak Sarda (deepak.sarda [at] gmail.com)
Iframely (http://iframely.com/)
  • Contact: Ivan Paramonau (i.paramonau [at] gmail.com)

7.3. Libraries

Press and Links

This document is stored on github. Please check the mailing list, fork and contribute.