domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

From 0.2 to 0.3

Hi! My name is Garito and I'm the technical cofounder of T:F, the fair and elegant dynamic equity split system that will change the way we work together

I would try to write some technical posts to show you what's going on on this matter at T:F

As my first attempt, I'm going to write a series of post explaining what's up with the 0.2version and where we go with the new 0.3 t:f app

The 0.3 version will be a written from scratch. Since we are on alpha and in a R&D stage til August, we can afford it

So, without further do, let's start explaining what's T:F and what we pretend from it

TimeFounder is, as I said before,  a makers/doers Community that uses a  fair and elegant dynamic equity split system to deal the ownership or rewards, but what is that?

Let's start with equity split system: it is a system where you will take note of the actions you make to resolve task on projects in order to offer the project as a product or service with a return of investment
So the more you invest your time or funds on a project to solve it, the more equity you will receive

Why dynamic? Because unlike the traditional model where you deal with your founder how much equity will receive before the work is done,  with T:F you don't have to decide this in advance because it will emerge by the work done by the contributors: the more you help the more you get back

And the most important part: fair and elegant because we are not focused on constrain the entrepreneur or the timefounder to try to control them.

Instead of that we are looking for trust able people that will make to work a pleasure and not a war, we are searching for friends not workers, helpers not subordinates. We are inspired by the Free software community culture.

With all this in mind, the next post will dissect the actual T:F features

PS: we are in alpha stage, more than ever we need your help to test and validate the T:F premises so, please ask for an invitation here and start helping us help you!

Ask for a T:F invitation and start helping