martes, 2 de junio de 2015

0.3 vortex and the good eye game

I know I haven't publish the last post about the transition from the 0.2 version of the TimeFounder's app to the 0.3, I'm sorry but 0.3 has become a vortex for me and I can't stop the time needed to elaborate such a big last post as the list of new features of the 0.3 version. I know, don't make me feel more guilty that I really do right now, but fun is fun (like some girl said some where) and I'm absorved by the singularity of a new architecture

Here is what I would like to play with you meanwhile:
It turns out that I was showing Mazinguer something superawesome for T:F's users but for me personally, when and idea came up: why don't play with you guys and let you try to figure out what is this awesome thing I'm talking about? And why don't reward those of you who spend the time needed with us to find out the feature?

This is the proposal:
50 T:F coins on 0.3 issues project for everyone of you who realise which feature I'm talking about by looking this screen caputre:
Your could use any internet service like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The only condition is that we need to know about it (to verify your answer is correct)

If you have an account with T:F, refer your nick to transfer your points
If you don't have an account with us, please sign up for an invitation here:
Ask for a T:F invitation
As soon as you register your account your points will be reflected in your account

With this, we want to thank everyone of you how follow us by any channel and support