sábado, 4 de julio de 2015

Sense of community

Sometimes Mazinguer and I like to discuss about what we are or, better, what we wanna be in terms of TimeFounder

Some try to push us (with all their love) throw become bankers (we manage time as a coin) but, no matter how hard we try to put ourselves in that character, we don't feel there (last day on bizbarcelona we have our last chat about this)

We feel more in the community as a group (the bigger the better) of people working on the same vision to make it real

Those of you who know me, know I'm crazy about fractals (even I have my own song: thanks Comando Molekulon) so let me show this sense of community through them by showing you how to solve a paradox with simple fractal principles and how it feets in

This is the paradox: seems impossible to put an infinite amount of figures inside a finite one

So simple: use fractals like here:
Did you see the point?

As a fractal structure you only need to zoom in to repeat this pattern throught infinite so you have resolved the paradox.

 Nice, isn't it?

But, wait... what has this to do with community? The result of the fractal a.k.a flower of life

See the Pen Flower of Life (responsive) by Attila Szopos (@szopos) on CodePen.

The more I see this figure the more in love I fall in
Let's decompose it by imagine you are the central sfere in the flower of life. Perhaps this other pen will help you focus on the idea:

See the Pen Flower of Life with CSS by Livingston Samuel (@livingston) on CodePen.

I see this figure as a metafore of why is good and needed for every single entity in the universe to form community

We are like this no matter if you like or you don't like to be like this:

See the Pen Flower of Life by Tiffany Rayside (@tmrDevelops) on CodePen.

We emit a field that we call our personal space and is what we sense of the others even if we don't know them. I see it as a first alert short range system

By forming communities, we sum up all our personal spaces to (by fractality) create a new one with a higher dimension a.k.a much, much powerful

Even better: we you form community by your free choice (as opossed as by force) you are protected by your most inner circle while you help to protect several other members of the group

See how nice is?

So, with TimeFounder, as a kind of spiritual mission (besides the practical one), we are focused on build a strong and powerful community where we take care of each others like in a family were you take care of me and we take care of you, BY CHOICE, because we feel that's the only way that we, as specie, will survive the destruction by waste of our planet

This is how we would like to life from now on, this is why we like to bring to you TimeFounder, to make a community of people who help others to make their dreams come true by doing what we like the most (in my personal case to make computers do what we need) and sharing both risks and benefits like a good family will do

With all our love: the timefounder brothers