miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017


Hi we are a Garito & Mazinguer de Cofounders of Timefounder.
Welcome to the full stable but a little slow cause was created without classic database structure. We also have a v3 app you can help is test if you like. 

The  app  helps you  manage projects 

dynamic ownership &  deals. 

Let's create Coool things  with 🎩Head and ❤️Heart.

You can setup the app according your approach to types of share owners and or funding rounds (bonus) 


You could go to projects and create a project there (the button bar is always at the bottom of the page)
Then you could create tasks to describe your needs
And then, in your tasks, your collaborators could annotate the time investments for your tasks 
You must accept or reject them

If you accept the pomodoro (we call pomodoro to our time investments) then the current bonus or x1 is applied

So if your project has a x2 bonus for pomodoros today and I make an investment of 10 minutes and you accept it I will have 20 points/shares of your project (when your project is not yet registered legally you can't give shares so you give points that you will legally convert to shares when decided. The project's deal is where you include a copy of your legal contract)

On project level your collaborators could annotate the monetary investments with the same result in terms of bonuses (if you don't define any bonus x1 is always applied) That means that if you don't define any bonus you are "paying" 60 monetary units per work hour

Both on project and task level it is possible to make comments in case someone needs some extra information

In case you feel T:F as limited for your needs, we are preparing version 0.3 with a huge amount of new features like project's tree (even with a mindmap like editor), team & leaders, full governance, etc

I hope this could help you, thanks!

PS: we need some help on marketing, webdesign, recommendation systems, legal, etc. If you know someone who likes T:F and is ok to participate as timefounder...