viernes, 3 de mayo de 2019


Timefounder DAO. 

We are a Fair Innovation Community.

Fair because with timefounder you can easily track investments
Innovation because we are building a new way to fund and found.
Community because we are the community of Timefounders!.

Join the community...

And start making your dreams true.

Innovation Platform

 includes a set of tools for easy manage your  projects and investments.

We have developed a node structure were you can mindmap any thing and every node of the tree will become a web page were you'll be able to add content, track tasks and investments

  • Investment traker
  • Equity spliter
  • Project planner
  • Mind mapping app
  • Chat challels
  • Value accounting app
  • Statistics

Project statistics example: look all visual data and all indicators available for open value accounting.

Create Landing Pages

Present the idea with a Landing page

Easy design powerful and mobile friendly landing pages to find other Timefounders..

Following the brief guide form their official site start to create the landing page of the new product service.
Soon templates.

Use visual tools to manage knowledge

Time and knowledge are the main assets that a team has to effectively manage.

Timefounder allows to view your projects as a Mind map tree to easly organize and reorganize all the structure of your knowledge.

Mind map tree view:

Become a profesional time investor

Create your profile , adding your skills as tags in order to be suggested when your skill is requested.

Talk about you and your previous experience. 

Manage your investments tracking all the contributions to a project

View the statistics of your investments 

Track investments and exits.

Example profile page:

Connect Timefounder with other apps

Each user has a APi page inside his profile page.

Use your API to integrate Timefounder in your app or web page to share ownership of your project with people that helps you make the projects comes to live.

API user page:

Join us

We are ready to lauch the Thist version of Timefounder with this and many more views and features.

We need designers sysops and may other superheros.

we will love to hear form you at our new site. Request an invitation here.