lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2020

Value accounting charts for trello with Timefounder

Timefounder is the tool that allows you to use trello boards to track value contributions of members to projects.

Timefounder is a easy tool to track and view how the rewards/ equity/ tokens etc of the project should be splitted according to the value contributions of each member that collaborates with  the project. 

Timefounder is used by teams  to track value contributions to projects and and give them a new way to 

You only have to put the economic value of each task at the description field   you choose the Trello  board and the list you want to view yout got it!. 

1. Setup

We have created this version of timefounder for Trello so in order to use Timefounder first you must have a Trello account and link it to your account.

Step 1 Connect to your trello account

Click at the button at the right of the Token field

Step 2 Allow to connect trello with

When this page appears press the accept button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3 Copy  the Token  and paste it at the step 1 page.

Copy the Token that will appear  in a page like this one:

And paste it in the Timefounder config page that must be open in another tab of your browser.

2. Use Trello to track Value contributions. 

One you have done the setup process you can use yout trello account  as usual and only have to follow this rules in order to have your Top contributors chart of trello projects you want to use.

For each  card  with member/s  Write  xValue ( xBonus) T:F's   ex: 150 T:F's and move ir to the List for the rewarded cards and you'll see how this 150 value units are added to the ranking chart.

Rules about how to track value contributions with trello cards.

 Look at the Description field of the next image of a Trello Card:

Trello Card view:

 When we write 500 ( x3) T:F's  all the chosen  members of the card will receive 500 x 3= 1500 Value units ( we calle them T:F's). 

Notice that you have to write like that  VALUE ( xBONUS) T:F's . We have code the app  in order to read the Description field and look for "T:F's" and then we look for a number before this "T:F's" and we assign this value to the member or members of the card.

Bonus: Notice that you can also apply a bonus  a (x3) in this case. Look at the next image as we can see that a 1500 reward =( 500 (x3)  is added to 4 members of the project. The 4 we added to the card.

3. View Charts @

When you add the value as explained ( ex: 100 T:F's)  you can see the card converted to a task @ app.

Now its time to go to and choose the board and the list you want to view:

Notice that when you do this  the next thing you will see is a view of the Trello project with a chart and a ranking  and the cards 

And here comes the magic you will see that all the  Value ( xBonus) T:F's   will create the contributors chart.

This is the view of the Trello project we have choosen